“Nothing has changed, yet everything has changed…”

If finding out that your Dad isn’t actually your biological father was somewhat of a surprise, you are not alone. In fact, some studies suggest that one out of every 10 children is not the genetic offspring of the husband or man officially recognized as the father.

MyDNADad was created to provide a forum for these “one out of every 10 children” who, like the MDD Founders, have a “social dad” and a “biological father” and for the families affected by the news of learning about a different biological relationship than what was first thought to be true.

This site is also for the parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, etc. of those who have been affected by a non-paternity event because we know you might need some support as well.  We welcome you all. Please take a few moments to share your experience with others in our Forum. This site will only be as good as the comments, lessons, and perspectives that are shared by each of you.

Share Your Story

We have been told time-and-again from people around the world that reading someone else’s story of non-paternity made them feel better about their own situation. If you find that visiting mydnadad.com made you feel better, please consider sharing your story with others. Some of the stories that are submitted here may be selected to be showcased on our site, or may be considered (with author’s approval) in the upcoming edition of Biological Betrayal, a book that deals with the emotional rollercoaster resulting from non-paternity situations scheduled to be on bookstore shelves shortly.

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